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Having been here two weeks now l have a few observations.

The kindest politest people they run to try and assist you happy to help always a smile. Drivers let you pass, rarely speed, only heard one horn blasted the whole trip and they invite you to join at junctions.

Litter is non existent the fact l took a photo of a discarded plastic bottle says it all.

Unemployment must be zero one job like cutting grass takes a dozen people health and safety is everything batons, flags and they do love a uniform.

Surprised at so many cyclists not wearing helmets lots of baby seats on the back but no helmets.

You travel to the other side of the world and Brewdog Beer from Dundee

stocked in the hotel shop.

Due to the threat of earthquakes there is a need to drill deep to support the foundations here is one 100ft drill bridges shake as you drive on them flexibility the key.

35c temperatures today the cooling mist keeping people cool was popular today.

3 tv camera crews picked up today loving Tokyo doing a good job makes it all worthwhile.


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