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How Does It Work - Maximum 12 hour daily charge £290

When do you arrive?

How many guests are there?

What type of transport do you need?

How many days are you staying?

Where do you want to visit?


You save on the best hotel rates reserved for


Rodney Johnston will book your car and your accommodation and plan your stay at locations all over Scotland. It will be flexible.


If the weather forecast is poor the itinerary will reflect this. There would be little point in visiting The Highlands if you would see very little.


Rodney Johnston charges a rate that includes a half day or full day service. This will vary depending on the transport vehicle required.


Do you know what Scottish Castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney and his Magic Kingdom Castle?


Visit the coffee shop in Edinburgh where JK Rowling started writing the Harry Potter series.


Do you want to stay at the Scottish Castle voted No 1 in Europe by Trip Advisor?


Visit Balmoral Castle where The Queen spends her annual summer holiday.


Trace your family roots.


Golf tours catered for.


See the Stone of Destiny on which Scottish Kings and Queens have been crowned for more than 1200 years!


Stay in the same hotel and hotel room as the 2013 Open Champion.


Visit the world famous whisky trail and experience the unique taste along the way!


See William Wallace's 800 year old sword  - history in action.


Visit the room where Robert Burns wrote the world famous Auld Lang Syne.


St Andrews, Edinburgh, Troon, The Highlands, The Edinburgh Festival, The Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Outlander, Harry Potter ......


Come and see it all for yourself ...... Let the journey begin

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